Think You Can Beat Him?

Two Luxury Agents Show Us How Sharran’s VIP Mastermind Will Transform Your Business

“If you are looking to explode your business, you cannot miss this opportunity to see Sharran!”

“I listened to the beginning of Sharran’s presentation in total disbelief.. He said he converted 87 listing appointments at 100%!” Shull said.

Shull knew in this moment, if she was competing with Sharran, she would lose. She brought his methods back to her team and asked, “Who would beat him?”

They all replied: “Not me.”

Shull shared, “One of our listing agents did $1.3 million in volume the three months prior to taking Sharran’s principles into practice, 90 days after he closed $23 million in listing agreements!”


Shull learned these two top takeaways:

Interacting with the client too late:
“By not speaking to our potential clients until an open house – we were dealing with objections instead of getting ahead of the game. Changing the sequence of our presentation has dramatically changed our results.”
Demonstrate what you're capable of:
“Don’t explain your marketing… immediately show the client exactly what you do.”


Keri Shull